Welcome to Wish Leather

Wish Leather is a new printed leather that can be decorated with whatever PantoneĀ® colour, design, art, or image you desire to create unique leather items. It is meticulously crafted with an innovative process that preserves the exquisite suppleness, grain, and aroma of fine leather.

The Leather can be produced in any range of component sized panels in sizes upto 60" wide and is available in a full hide if required, this can be delivered direct to you without long waiting times and large minimum orders. The process is new and has been tested to the meet your requirements for all your ideas and projects.

Just look at some of the benefits that Wish Leather have over traditional Leather for yourself:

  • Luxury Bespoke Luxury Real Leather In Any Size
  • For Upholstery - Auto - Marine - Fashion
  • Any Pantone Colour, Image or Pattern
  • Advance Hybrid Technology
  • High Specification
  • High Wear Properties
  • No Stain Transfer
  • Easy Maintenence
  • Solvent & Waterproof


Auto Upholstery
All Upholstery
Unlimited Options
Pantone Colours
Imagery and Patterns